Known Bugs

The table below lists all bug reports we have received from users or bugs we have found ourselves. If you have found a bug that is not yet listed here, please contact us at coneetareslupcom

1.0Save-as dialog does not save files in .dxf formatFixed in v1.1
1.1Invalid flat pattern projectionFixed in v1.2
1.2Using skew angles larger than 45 degreesFixed in v1.3
1.3DXF file does not import into Corel Draw v9.0Closed
1.3Width of lines in EPS file too thickFixed in v2.0
1.3When file extension is omitted, Cone Layout defaults to .txtNot reproducable
1.3Unnecessary limits on cone sizeFixed in v2.0
1.3Printed flat pattern projection in inches has wrong sizeFixed in v2.0
2.0Error: unable to initialise Cone LayoutFixed in v2.0.1
2.0.1Error: unable to load preferences, aborting programNot reproducable
2.0.2Multi-page printout has slightly wrong sizeNot reproducable