Invalid flat pattern projection of cones with large top angle


A user wrote: "Two adjacent cones with the same diameter do not fit. For example:

Cone 1:
   Diameter 1: 1mm, 0 deg
   Length:     10mm
   Diameter 2: 12mm, 0 deg

Cone 2:
   Diameter 1: 12mm, 0 deg
   Length:     30mm
   Diameter 2: 24mm, 0 deg

Print both, cut out very carefully, roll, tape together. Result: Cone 2 dia 1 was always slightly larger than cone 1 dia 2 (up to 1mm difference)."


For cones with a relatively large top angle, the flat pattern projection was inaccurate.

Solution / workaround

This problem is fixed in Cone Layout version 1.2 by changing the flat pattern projection algorithm. Please download this new version if you are experiencing the problem above.